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  • RNA
  • Bioinformatics
  • DNA
  • Molecular Biology
    Molecular Biology
  • Chromatin Structure
    Chromatin Structure
  • Cancer Transcriptomics
    Cancer Transcriptomics
  • Genomics
  • Familial Dysautonomia (FD)
    Familial Dysautonomia (FD)
  • Genetic Study
    Genetic Study


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  1. Yediot Ahronot article concerning FD research in the lab. [PDF-Hebrew]
  2. American Friends of Tel Aviv University: Common Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders. Link
  3. Tel Aviv University research news. Hebrew link[PDF-Hebrew]
  4. Haaretz science news articles (4.4.2013). Link[JPG-Hebrew]
  5. Epigenie: DNA Methylation Tells Splicing Machinery Where to Cut (21.3.2013). Link
  6. Science Daily: Link Uncovered Between Variation In Humans With Extreme Body Mass And Abnormal Splicing. (20.12.2007) [PDF]. Link to the Science Daily
  7. Genetics Presentation Intrigues Bay Area AFTAU Members (22.8.2007) [PDF].
  8. Ynet science articles (26.10.2005) [PDF].
  9. Ynet science articles (27.10.2005) [PDF].
  10. Ynet science articles (30.10.2005) [PDF].
  11. Ynet science articles (31.10.2005) [PDF].
  12. Genome News Network (GNN)-Junk DNA Creates Novel Proteins [PDF].
  13. Genomics & Proteomics-Proteins are Often Spiced by a Slice of Alternative Splice [PDF].
  14. Molecular Genetic Engineers in Junk DNA? [PDF].
  15. TAU Trends in Research [PDF].
  16. Tel-Aviv University NEWS [PDF].
  17. Haaretz Article: [PDF-Hebrew]&nbsp[PDF-English].
  18. Nature Reviews Genetics June 2004 [PDF].




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